Now With Horns

Also showing the tangled lights a little more.

Toy Soldier and Tangled Lights

I like the tangled lights best in the new Frostvale pack. I decided not to buy the whole pack this year. I really didn't need to spend that many credits for all of it when it cost lest to buy what I actually liked.

The soldier is good. Too bad they didn't go for the ballerina too. I wonder if they even thought of it.

O'TannenBush on my Birthday

Last year I had all the lights but not the green wire and the tiny charm. This year I started again, hoping to get the Christmas tree transformation. I was getting discouraged, doing the same dungeons over and over and over again. But, today, on my birthday even, I got both the green wire and then the tiny charm. Both times I was fighting the boss alone. I don't know if that was why they finally came along, or maybe a birthday present from AQ3D.

The Gold Set in the Deep Dungeon

Level 25 and the Gold Suit of Armour

I have the helm too but I don't like having my character's face hidden. Working on getting the raised helm from the dungeon quest.

Rare Tower Chest

I was expecting a rare chest to have more than health and mana potions, but that was all I got. Kind of a let down.

The Pet Store is Open so I Bought a Hammerzard

I think it got scared by something and decided the top of my head was a safe place. A hammerzard is very heavy, especially on the top of your head. 

I'd Like a Flying Car, Please

I have 5000 defender medals, I can't stack any more of them. I would like to trade them all in for a flying car, please.What a great travel form that would be.

Building the Royal Dragon Rider

I have the Royal Dragon Rider armour, shoulders, gloves and boots. I didn't get the helmet and I was half and half about the belt. Can they make belts for women that don't have that extra piece sticking out? Please!

As of tonight I also have the three things from the Boss Fights in weekly rotation, from the Vault dungeon. I especially like the crown. I have changed my hairstyle so the crown doesn't look like it is cut into my head in that weird way. The cape looks very royal along with the royal purple armour. Very rich looking, too much to keep for an extended time.

I equipped the axe tonight. I worried about losing some stats but right now I don't need them for any hard battling.

Working on the Antlers

Not enough battle gems yet. But, I've been working on random adventures to get the Cold Hart Antlers.

The Lost Hiker Set

I think this is the whole set, not sure yet.

Back for the Bridge Tower Axe

Mostly the DreadFool Set

I liked this set. I worked/ crafted until I had MadCap and DreadFool, even the hood. I'm not wearing the hood, it's in my pocket.

This is What I Look Like Now

I think I have the set for Akriloth now. This is most of it, wearing it all at one time, in one place.
Image taken at mysterious (at this time) gates in Darkovia.

The Outfit I Picked

I spent more time than I expected picking out this outfit for my profile chibli (probably not spelled right). You can see the result, the commission from Skulpin, above this post.

Adventures at the Newly Opened Barbershop

I changed my look, again. Now I'm a cross between a china doll and a robot. At least that's how I see it. I wasn't going to wear those new horns but they really work well with the shoulders, jaguar fur and overall.

Expensive, but I Couldn't Resist Being Ebil

Maybe this will be the Halloween Zorbak is set loose on AQ3D! Sooner than Halloween would be even better since it is just May now.

Men Still Fall at my Feet

I'm a little older and the men may not chase me the way they used to. But, I can still make sure they fall at my feet.

Empty of Warwolves

This is how it looks when you step into a dungeon and find no creatures at all. A slightly haunting feeling and a little mystery. Where did they go? What rock did they hide under?

Set for Glamping

I'm not a camper. I did go to camp for a summer, a lot of years ago. It was photography camp. One of the camp supervisors got a bit annoyed because I was taking a lot of photos. This was before digital photography. These days film is a memory card.

I was going to craft the rogue outfit, when Spiders get up to 50% in the scoring. But, I don't really need it. I did get the red racoon skin (called something else in the game) hat. But, I wish the tail of the hat showed more. It could have been longer and bushier. Maybe its a PETA thing. But, no real racoons were harmed in the making of this hat.

Every Evil Boss Becomes a Has Been

Kind of sad how everyone jumps to attention when there is a new evil boss in town. Then, the quests are done... the evil boss is forgotten. Another has been. Of course, there are new players coming along. But, never again will he (there haven't been a lot of she's) be so sought after again.

Waiting for Camp to Open...

I had a visit with Zorbak. He offered me some flashlight batteries for camp. They looked a little rusty. So I just said, "thanks anyway". It's the thought that counts.

Life as a Bird in AQ3D

Exploring is nice, as a bird. The raven is noticeably faster than running along with two ordinary human legs. But, you can't go as the crow flies, literally. As long as you are over flat ground you can soar along. But, over lava pits or big drops, its like having legs again (without wings).