Three Dragon Heads

Fighting a dragon with a dragon wearing a dragon head. Not something you see every day.

Bling Doesn't Like my New Head

Since I put on the Great Fire Dragon Head from the new Oddities shop, Bling has been kind of standoffish.

Quietly Buried Dragons

Ghosts and buried dragons at the Battleon Cemetery. I looked for it the first day but didn't find it. Today I was wandering around and found it when I wasn't looking.

Killing Drickens While Battleon Burns

I noticed I can get a lot more building materials from the drickens than the void monsters. A little wait time for the drickens but they always give materials and the void monsters only give a little every few times. Nothing at all from the Void Queen, big boss, just more of those medals my inventory is full of. So I'm killing drickens while Battleon burns.