Spin the Wheel

My Mother really likes to watch Wheel of Fortune. I've watched it with her, often. The spiraling circle in the dungeons makes me think of the big spinning, colourful, wheel on the game show.

Visit your Local Museum

I continue to try, but so far I have not managed to climb to the roof of the museum. Or any other Battleon buildings. I have seen others, very few, up there. The Rooftoppers of Battleon. I will keep trying to figure it out. I haven't resorted to looking for a solution online yet. It is nice to see if I can do it myself.

Member of the Dricken Society?

The Dricken Society

The application: 

AQ3D Username: HerSelf

Preferred Name(s): "Hey you" is ok. Or, if you point at me I'll know.

Character Level: 20

Reason For Joining: My nephew will only play League of Legends now. Drickens are good with Swiss Chalet sauce.

Do you meet all other requirements: Yes.

(Optional) Twitter username: @thatgrrl
(Optional) Facebook username: also thatgrrl

Update: I thought about joining but... Do I really want to commit to at least weekly checking in and participation? I think I would suit a casual membership, meaning I can just follow along on Twitter and show up when it suits me, skipping the pressure of having to do something for the group.

Meanwhile, I have the novelty of posting here, without censorship (an overseer, I mean, not considering adult content). As long as I have a laugh I don't have to feel bad about the one hand clapping thing. I can talk to myself and post for myself as long as I care to do so.

Should someone read this, comments will be moderated and I won't post anything I don't like. Why should I?

Akriloth Versus Barney

Mysterious Book in the DeadTooth Dungeon, GreenGuard

I know I went through all the new parts of the map in GreenGuard. I don't remember this book and I don't know if there is something I need to open it. Another dungeon, in a dungeon?

Update: It's not anything. But, probably will become something for a future dungeon, or something. 

A Little Shopping in GreenGuard Today

I thought I would find something colourful to wear. As much as I like red, I'm getting a bit tired of all the red and black from Ashfall. Why not start at GreenGuard when looking for some local colour. Nice to see the Guardian Towers in the background, just through the gates.

Being a Frequent Explorer at Ashfall 3

Explore Ashfall 3. It gives you a bit more time before you die, again.

I did actually make it past the big dragon who I will not name, finally. The first two rounds took me almost 3 days. Then I discovered the next round of dungeons were... more of the same.

I only made it through after buying healing potions (I accidentally sold all of mine soon after getting them). Anyway, I'm not loving this quest (or the armour sets) enough to keep going and being killed another hundred times. Its something I'd rather come back to, when AQ3D has something like level 30 for players. That might work.

So, at this time, I am Ashfalled out. I am liking the Phoenix Knight set more than I was at first. But, I still would have loved it to be something golden with fire feathers. That would have been very dashing and glamorous.

Loot Bag Gone Wrong

I tried some higher graphic settings. But, they didn't work so well. This was a rainbow coming from a loot bag in the dungeon. Very pretty but difficult to see around it.

Selfies with Campbell

I like that twinkle in his eye.

AQ3D Needs More Zorbak

Zorbak in the shop.

My first selfie with Zorbak. Of course I'm not facing the camera, you can't take your eyes off Zorbak too long.