The Blue Ogre Event is Very Unkind to Drickens

A lot of drickens were harmed in this event. But, I did get the cat ears, all of them. I'm wearing the grey cat ears because I like the way they look with my blue hair.

Screaming Skull Cutlass

I've been lucky this week. I got the Screaming Skull Cutlass one day and a day later the shoulders from the skeleton dragon in the Dage dungeons. Doing the dailies works out well.

Two of My Favourite Rooms

 Two of my favourite places in the Guardian Towers. I revisited them while exploring for badges. So far I have only found one badge with the icon in place. The rest I seem to have but without seeing the fancy icon. Later I will check for anything I have missed. I liked the icon. I hope it turns up somewhere again.

I do Like a Redhead Man

Have you noticed there are quite a few redhead men in AQ3D?

Some might note there are mostly white people in the game. Being blue myself, I have noticed but it doesn't especially bother me. Everyone can make their character/ avatar whatever they want it to be.

I'm happy with the amount of redheaded men, or ginger, if you're English.

I Like the Dark Haired Vamp in the Dungeon with David

 I like the dark vamp in the Darkovia dungeon, the one at the end of the Quest (with David). Some might think David is the superior vamp, being the leader. But, it takes a better man (vampire) to let someone else lead.

Dark vamp doesn't even get a name of his own. Maybe he is secretly the long lost son of the original Darkovia family. I'm sure he has a story, a good one. I try to chat and get to know him. but he seems to have a pretty big chip on his shoulders. He just wants to fight as soon as I get close.

I haven't given up. After all, I see him every time I go to Darkovia for the dailies.


Sadly, our encounters always end the same way.

David the Vamp Leader

He's not much for conversation but he keeps dropping his clothes. So far I have his coat and boots, I think. Is there more to be dropped in the future? Most of all, is he suggesting something or just messy?

A Glitch or Does it Just Feel Safer up There?

Exploring the Dage dungeons I noticed this Revenant far over head. Probably a glitch in the game and yet... maybe he just feels everyone is out to get him.

Phoenix Blade Dropped by Akriloth

I got a new sword from Akriloth! Always a nice surprise to find something nice after being beaten several rounds. It's just called Phoenix Blade. A simple name for a pretty sword.

Level 18, but it had some plus and minus for my skills. I'm using it as costume because my attack is pretty good as I am now.

Happy St. Patrick's Day 2018

I considered changing my hair and skin at the Barbershop but thought that would be overkill. I did go to the gold pile at the bank as a tribute to leprechauns everywhere.
I also got the green crown. Figured out that I needed to do the quest to get a mind pearl to craft into the crown (which isn't actually called a green crown in the game, but it could be).

Mind Pearl Needed for the Green Crown

I'm starting a collection of crowns. Not all of them are actually called crowns in Adventure Quest. But, they look like crowns. Only the crowns I like, not every helm or helmet, etc. I have been playing Barrow Drop endlessly, trying to get a second mind pearl. I mistakenly thought having an extra one from the quest would give me two for buying the green crown/ Vorah crest. But, that did not work as I expected.

Since then I have long ago lost count of how many times I have done the Barrow Drop. No mind pearls since abandoning that quest (second time, after completing it the first time). Is it a glitch? Bad luck? No luck? Bad karma for abandoning the quest? I keep trying.

A Change of Face

I visited the Barbershop in AQ3D and tried on several new looks. I kept the hair the same, but skin, eyes and lips have an updated look. There are so many choices now. These start with one close to how I really look. The last one is what I did pick for my avatar/ character in the game.

I almost made her all green.

I Got the Blue Axe

Officially, the Severed Skull Axe. I lucked out and got it the second time I intentionally tried to get it from the mini boss on the Underworld map. The sword was good but, I prefer an axe.

The New Black is Dage

In Ashfall wearing the new Dage.

Save the Free Range Drickens!

 Most drickens are penned up in Battleon. They used to be free range, like these. Why were they put in a chicken pen? Sure it doesn't have a gate, but the spirit is there in every fence post. Its just not fair.

A Golden Plate Helmet from a Rare Chest

Getting this helmet was not easy. I'm really not good at anything like parkour, jumping around from one bit of rock to another. But, I noticed this chest up on a platform in a Greenguard dungeon and I stuck to my resolve to get it. Luckily, I had gone in as a private dungeon or someone else would have had it. Very few players would have been patient and kind enough to wait as long as it took me to finally get up there and get the chest. The helmet is nice, fairly pretty. But this was far more about the journey than the end result. For me.

A Change of Fashion

At the bank vault and looking at so much armour... I went with something simple instead. A common dress from somewhere in Darkovia. So much is costume now its easy to keep your best armour and weapons equipped while decorating yourself as you like. But, I did have barefeet for a few days while I backtracked beginner levels to find simple boots to go with the simple dress.

Cooling Off from Ashfall in Random Quests

I love red, its my favourite colour. But, even I decided I needed a break from all the fires of Ashfall. I also really like the images of stone in whatever castle this is. The winter scene is nicely done, including the snow blowing in from the open portal/ window.

The Talon Set

I ended up mixing the sets. But, this is mostly the Talon set from the Mount Ashfall Camp.

An Elite Dragon Champion Crown

The other day I picked up an Elite Dragon Champion Crown in the Akriloth dungeon. Nice to have a red one.