Putred Pink this Halloween

I decided to go with the putrid pink skeleton for Mogloween this year.

Twitter Has Locked Itself

 It doesn't seem that Twitter is going to work. I keep getting locked out of the account and then nagged to verify my account by phone. I did not set the account up with a phone. I chose the email option for the simple reason - I do not own a mobile phone. But, now I an nagged to unlock my account by verifying a phone I never gave them in the first place and secondly, does not exist. Lunacy! 

I have tried contacting support but they just send me a link to reset the password. Then it unlocks, for about a minute before going back to nagging me for a phone verification. I've tried support twice now, same results even though I have told them I don't have a mobile phone. I don't think anyone is reading the support emails. Just a machine spitting out auto email with password resets.  It seems to be a no win thing. 

Twitter must have bought, or have been bought by, one of the mobile phone companies or one of the big companies that own mobile phone companies. They are sure putting in a hard sell right away.