Putred Pink this Halloween

I decided to go with the putrid pink skeleton for Mogloween this year.

Twitter Has Locked Itself

 It doesn't seem that Twitter is going to work. I keep getting locked out of the account and then nagged to verify my account by phone. I did not set the account up with a phone. I chose the email option for the simple reason - I do not own a mobile phone. But, now I an nagged to unlock my account by verifying a phone I never gave them in the first place and secondly, does not exist. Lunacy! 

I have tried contacting support but they just send me a link to reset the password. Then it unlocks, for about a minute before going back to nagging me for a phone verification. I've tried support twice now, same results even though I have told them I don't have a mobile phone. I don't think anyone is reading the support emails. Just a machine spitting out auto email with password resets.  It seems to be a no win thing. 

Twitter must have bought, or have been bought by, one of the mobile phone companies or one of the big companies that own mobile phone companies. They are sure putting in a hard sell right away.

Blogger Versus Twitter

 I still like old Blogger but, I'm starting to think it might be smarter and easier to use Twitter for a site like this instead. 

For one, it is less time consuming to just post and not need to fuss over settings, tags, and this idiotic mini font in the edit screen. (Still can't read what I'm typing here). One upside for sticking with Blogger is having everything easy to find rather than always moving off into the archives I might never see again. But, even for that, what does it matter? I've got no real pressing need to keep screenshots from the game. No doubt others are doing so with more reason and better software. 

So, I could move this into Twitter. Maybe give it an account of it's own. I can keep this up to redirect and make the occasional post to. Then again, do I want to have another social media account to maintain. Not 100% on that. If it were a big money maker (its not making any money, never has) that would be different. 

I don't think anyone reads this. Maybe I'd get readers if I were on Twitter instead. That makes it worth considering. I can write notes to myself any time, any where. 

I could make back up posts here from Twitter, with my screenshots. or some plan like that. I will think about it. Meanwhile, I'm AFK in the game and don't really have much to do now that fishing is as far as it can go. I am still levelling up my Rogue class, I think 28 right now.

Fishing Ends at Level 50

 So it seems the fishing level ends at 50. I got to 50 and nothing I'm doing is showing a start for level 51. Maybe I have to finish the sewer quest/ dungeon? Maybe I need the level 45 fishing rod which only comes from the daily boss quest (and has not shown up on the rotation yet). Anyway, looks like I'm all fished out for now. Which is ok with me. There are a couple of quests I can finish up but no great reward or help in levelling up my character or class, so no need to make time for them. Whenever is good enough.

I changed my outfit. Now the white pirate ensemble with matching white wings and axes/ hammers.  Funny about the eyepatch. I am having eye trouble right now but its on the other eye.

Fishing, Yet Again

 Last night I got up to level 35 with fishing. A new fishing rod to catch up to 300 (and something) fish in whatever colour fishing holes. I find the colour of the fishing hole does not make a huge difference. A gold fishing hole will still have plenty of white/ silver fish. I have been at a gold fishing hole with a group of people and caught nothing but white fish. If you are lucky enough to find a gold fishing hole and have it all to yourself, VERY LUCKY, you have a better chance of catching epic and legendary fish. Otherwise, I have actually caught more epic and legendary fish at the common white fishing hole than the fancy coloured ones. 

Frostvale was my favourite fishing spot so far. But, as you level up the value of the fish you catch goes down. So even though I really liked fishing there, there wasn't much point to catching anything (unless I didn't care at all about levelling up). 

Happy Fishing Sunday!


Fishing Has Begun

 I could have worked on a funnier, clever title but... how many fishy jokes does anyone need in one day. I still can not read this very tiny font in the edit window. Frustrating. I did write to help people at Blogger/ Google but I had no reply at all. Not very friendly. 

Here are some fishing screenshots. I will write more if I find a way to fix the size of the text in the edit screen. Because I just can not type something I can't see. Yes, I know I've gone on about that already. But, really... No one has thought to fix this since June, or before?!!!

Sharks just love to fish!

Korin, That Paper Bag Guy

 I don't know much about Korin other than I found him awhile ago and he has paper bag heads. More are on Discord, the AQ3D channel there. I'm not on Discord often enough to get any of those (and I just haven't put in time to figure out Discord in general). But, he is in the Social District, behind a building, if you want to find him in the game.

Feeling Blah with AQ3D

I've been with AQ3D, playing often, from the beginning. But, I'm feeling blah about it the last few months. So, this site is not going to be updated. At least temporarily.

Blogger also seems to have changed. For me the worse of it is the font size. It is incredibly tiny now. I can't see what I'm typing. But, spellcheck lets me know when I make a mistake, most of the time. The window for spellcheck is easily double the size of the font in the edit/ writing space for Blogger. Maybe this is a joke, leftover from April?

But, I think not. Google is really awful about accessibility. I have been using Gmail for years and think I need to change now that my vision is worse. Can't see a damn thing here or there.

Heartwood... Land of Pine Trees, Wolves and Free Wild Drickens

I don't know if there will still be wild drickens in the new Heartwood. I hope so.
A little glitchy to start. 

 Caught in the act, another wild dricken ruthlessly killed.

 One of the last wild drickens. Seconds after this image was taken this dricken was mercilessly cut down by an adventurer. Not me.

 Heartwood - big tree country.
 Were the wolves really that big of an issue? I hope they will still have a place in the new Heartwood.

 I tried to capture the remaining wild drickens in their natural habitat.

 Will this be the last crowing of a free, wild dricken in Lore?
 Rapunzel, my cat, likes to walk on air once in awhile.
 Will anyone remember...?
 What will Campbell do if there are no wolves left?

Thanks to Teriya

Thanks to Teriya on the blue server we had a big blue tree sprout up in Battleon. Very dramatic and pretty.

Warpmancer Armour Turns your Face Black!

In my previous post with the Warpmancer set you can see my face is NOT black. After a couple of days - my face changed and looked like this!!! I don't like it. Very dramatic change and not pretty. I like my blue face and hair. I don't choose to get helms or any head gear that covers my face. I don't know if I will still wear the Warpmancer armour now that I know it causes my face to look like I've died of some terrible disease.

Warpmancer armour should come with a warning. It did not show my face as black in the preview and it was not black when I started wearing the armour.

This is like getting a beautiful ring, loving it and then having it turn your finger green. Sad and just not right!

New Purple and Gold Set from Thyton

This may be my favourite fashion look so far. I love the colours. Just when I think my favourite colour is dark red... along comes something with blue and purple and gold.

Did anyone notice the big halo in the sky above Battleon? I just did, tonight. It looks like a setting out of a fairy tale, a good one.

Parkouring at the Breaking Benjamin Concert

Not one of the harder parkours. I managed to get to the second portal on both sides. You can find a switch to turn the tide of battle for blue or yellow. Silly how everyone only goes on the yellow side. So predictable.

Merry Valentine Moglins

Even Zorbak has a Valentine. He still looks all schemy, but maybe he's plotting romantic schemes.

Scaring the Fish...?

I don't think I was scaring the fish at all. I thought Lauda had a nice outfit, that tangerine colour. A bold choice for a redhead.

Valentine's Day 2020

Happy Valentine's Day 2020. I'll switch the eye patch for my top hat once the redness goes away. Broken heart and all.

There are times moglins could laugh less or at least not be quite so cheerful and happy. My other pet is an orange cat who may, or may not, snack on moglins. She's a bit feral, not the moglin, the cat.
This was the outfit I put together before the new sets came out. Mostly the 2019 sets and a pirate hat. Vampire (I forget the name) sword which Berserker class doubles.