I'd Like a Flying Car, Please

I have 5000 defender medals, I can't stack any more of them. I would like to trade them all in for a flying car, please.What a great travel form that would be.

Building the Royal Dragon Rider

I have the Royal Dragon Rider armour, shoulders, gloves and boots. I didn't get the helmet and I was half and half about the belt. Can they make belts for women that don't have that extra piece sticking out? Please!

As of tonight I also have the three things from the Boss Fights in weekly rotation, from the Vault dungeon. I especially like the crown. I have changed my hairstyle so the crown doesn't look like it is cut into my head in that weird way. The cape looks very royal along with the royal purple armour. Very rich looking, too much to keep for an extended time.

I equipped the axe tonight. I worried about losing some stats but right now I don't need them for any hard battling.