Chaotic Neutral in AQ3D?

I bought this sweatshirt from an Etsy shop last year. When I bought it the image was better. Maybe it wasn't a great seller, or went out of season. The quality of the shirt itself is good. It's long, if you like a long shirt.

I hope we get alignments at AQ3D, sometime along the way. It would add another layer to the game. I think people in guilds would get more fun with it than solo players like myself. But, I'd find some way to make it fun for me too.

An Axe for Valentine's Day?

I'd like an axe made out of this same red stuff. Even a plain axe would look good all shiny and red. But, something with a fancy pattern: floral, paisley, brocade, something that isn't a skull.That would be nice, maybe for Valentine's Day.

The Forgotten Black Market in Battleon

Tucked away in a dark alley... back alley with natural sunlight, in the Trade District, is Gaz. Lonely, forgotten and unvisited.

Gaz says business is way down in the black market. The market was so much busier when he had that spot right in downtown, main street, Battleon. It's slow in the Trade District, off to the side of the main market.

"Where else would a black market be? You can't just sit out there. That's far too obvious." Gaz has a theory of black market marketing, for those who stay to listen.

Players want collectibles, rare items, and they spend all their loot on stuff that isn't the best of the best. Only Gaz has the best - of the best. It's a small shop, just what he and the zard can haul around in that cart. But it's select merchandise, not found just anywhere. Best of the best.

Visit Gaz!

This post sponsored by Gaz's Black Market, Trade District, Battleon.

A Postcard from my Trip to DoomWood

This one map in the dungeon at DoomWood is unlucky for me. It glitches. This time the rare chest would not open. It finally did, because I just waited until it did. But, I'm still not sure I got the potions from it.

That isn't all. If they need to close the game for some reason, most of the time I am in this same map. I am not exaggerating and I don't spend a lot of time in this map. I've come to avoid it, sort of. Because it is also one of my favourite dungeons. I really like finding the treasure and that odd section with a little (not hard) parkour. I did find a way to get around that parkour bit where you go into the blue portal. Just walk through the water, instead of trying to parkour from rock to rock. At the upper edge of the rock on the right you can hop/ climb up and then jump across to the portal. You can also pick up the treasure chest, if there is one.

Merry Lunar New Year

The redhead men are still my favourite. But, he only stayed sitting there as long as I held my axe that way.

Ideas for Loading Screen Tips

  • BattleJuice! BattleJuice! Are you sure you want to say that a third time?... 
  • Glow in the dark armour turned out to be unlucky for some players.
  • This message sponsored by fans of Zorbak, the ebil Moglin.
  • Please don't bump into the NPCs. It makes them feel like ghosts.
  • Moglin is a very quiet language, that's why they have such big ears.
  • There are no bedbugs at Yular's Inn, just boogerlings, spiders, mice, and dust golems. Sleep well.
  • Someday that original Heart Shaped Locket is going to matter. You'll see.
  • You can say Warlic's name backwards but, why would you?
  • You can say Cysero's name backwards but, your character might get lost forever, somewhere.
  • You can say Artix's name backwards but, isn't this getting kind of annoying?
Artix is looking for Loading Screen Tips

Although Zorbak is my favourite moglin, I did think to add one more:

  • Shop at Gaz's Black Market. Buy less for more!

What Happens When you say it Three Times?

Or maybe it should be BattleJuice! BattleJuice! BattleJuice!

Just for fun. I have BettleJuice on my mind today. 

Waiting for a Fish, or Just a Timer

Timers on games are annoying. I can wait an hour, or forget about playing at all. I don't want to sit here twiddling my thumbs so I can start the daily quests as per the game timer.

Why does the game need to stick with restrictive 24 hour times on activities, like class training. Why not make it reset at midnight, even if I just finished the class training (etc.) shortly before midnight. Then I wouldn't be stuck having to choose between counting down the minutes or forgetting about it and doing something else I should be doing anyway.

In the end, I took a screenshot, closed the computer and went grocery shopping early. It's a rainy day here, which I like, so no great loss to get outside and be rained on awhile instead of questing/ grinding here. Reality... what can you do, it follows you around. 

The Autumnwalker Set

The new set, Autumnwalker, found in Greenguard Forest. This is the whole set, except for the staff. I'm just not the mage type to carry an unwieldy staff.

I also got the Salty Pirate set. Wish it had a bit more to it. Neither of the sets have a back and the pirate doesn't have a belt, or a back. This means other sets bleed through, or you need the Invisible set to keep the look of the set you want to use. Of course, there is the option to piece and mix and match. But, it is nice to have a full set too.

A Gargoyle of the New Year