Heartwood... Land of Pine Trees, Wolves and Free Wild Drickens

I don't know if there will still be wild drickens in the new Heartwood. I hope so.
A little glitchy to start. 

 Caught in the act, another wild dricken ruthlessly killed.

 One of the last wild drickens. Seconds after this image was taken this dricken was mercilessly cut down by an adventurer. Not me.

 Heartwood - big tree country.
 Were the wolves really that big of an issue? I hope they will still have a place in the new Heartwood.

 I tried to capture the remaining wild drickens in their natural habitat.

 Will this be the last crowing of a free, wild dricken in Lore?
 Rapunzel, my cat, likes to walk on air once in awhile.
 Will anyone remember...?
 What will Campbell do if there are no wolves left?

Thanks to Teriya

Thanks to Teriya on the blue server we had a big blue tree sprout up in Battleon. Very dramatic and pretty.

Warpmancer Armour Turns your Face Black!

In my previous post with the Warpmancer set you can see my face is NOT black. After a couple of days - my face changed and looked like this!!! I don't like it. Very dramatic change and not pretty. I like my blue face and hair. I don't choose to get helms or any head gear that covers my face. I don't know if I will still wear the Warpmancer armour now that I know it causes my face to look like I've died of some terrible disease.

Warpmancer armour should come with a warning. It did not show my face as black in the preview and it was not black when I started wearing the armour.

This is like getting a beautiful ring, loving it and then having it turn your finger green. Sad and just not right!