Holly Knight for the Frostval That Never Happened

I waited for the winter Frostval to start this year but now it is the day after Boxing Day and nothing new came along. Yes, there were other new things and events. But, nothing new for Frostval, the festival. This year it didn't happen. Disappointing. I did buy some of the new stuff, not the whole package.  I just don't need more stuff I don't love. I have a lot like that in my bank vault and my vault is up to 15 pages, more than enough. I need to take time to dump/ sell stuff so I have space. Also, wish the vault could be sorted a lot easier than manually going through it all one by one and trying to get sets back together. It would help if we could label the vaults, not just numbers but names for colours, sets, armour, swords, seasons, events, etc. That would help a lot.

Black and White Wolves in AQ3D

The white wolf is either a pet or a transformation, or both if you want to spend for them. I took the pet, because it cost quite a bit less, and... it looks nice to have the black wolf running with the white wolf.

I was just attacking away in the Battleon Defender challenge so they are well fed, for now. Blizzy should be fairly safe.

Getting Closer to Frostval

The current fashion is a combination of Santa, ice and holly.

The New Character Page Background is SO Nice

This was a great surprise today. Here, in Ontario, Canada, it has been snowing all day. This is such a bright patch of green to find. So nice. :)

Wearing the Black Friday dress, boots, etc. I think its the first shorter skirt in the game, but it's not the right length, either a bit longer or a bit shorter would have made it more fashionable. Skirt lengths are tricky.

My Winter Warm Up

I had an outfit change, getting ready for Christmas with AQ3D. I know there will be new stuff but I was feeling like being well lit.

The Air Ship in Battleon

Still looking forward to whatever is happening with the air ship. They don't just drop out of the sky... unless you are very unlucky.

At the Alice in Chains Concert

The second concert at AQ3D. I still can't hardly hear the music, but I'm not a heavy metal fan so it's not bothering me too greatly. Not a lot different from the Korn concert. (Some people were complaining about that). But, it was something to break up the after Halloween-ness. I was a little disappointed that the concert quests didn't have some new items and the outfit you can buy is actually free anyway and it doesn't matter if you do the quests or not. An "every body wins" theory I guess. But, it did make the event a little meaningless. Someone said there would be more quests added, but the event is live now. So, we will see.

A couple of screenshots. I changed out of my Halloween outfit as the concert went on. I tried on the various tee shirt and jacket colour combinations. Also the Thrasher/ Thresher free outfit and items. But, I'm sure these are the same outfits I had from the Korn concert. Is Thrasher new? I'm feeling it isn't. But, I don't want to search all my bank vaults to find it.

An after the concert good night to you and your composting pumpkins!

Just Me, Again

It seems the lamest players are on during the day. They run away from quests unless they're really easy and they don't show up at all until there are more than enough people to do the quest. I wait and wait and wait but they pop in and leave over and over again. So its just me, the cat and what's left of that other guy in the background. Probably someone who has waited even longer than I did.

Spider Belt for Mogloween Fashion

I got the Arachan Belt from the daily Treasure Chest. It works well with my Mogloween fashion so I kept it.

A Tribute to RPG Gamers

Found at letterq's Artist Shop.

I really like it. But, it makes me think that most people only see DnD and RPG as dice and weapons. I like the history, world building and storytelling of it far more than the fighting bits. Even AQ3D is still a lot of fighting and the other elements of the quest are mostly gone. There isn't much discovery left.

There haven't been hidden chests/ treasure for a long time. I miss that. They did add parkour but that's far more a video game element than DnD. I understand why they have added it, but jumping around with a keyboard is not something I'm good at. I try those quests but most of the time I get my nephew to finish them for me and the last one I decided to skip entirely. It just isn't worth all the frustration to get something I don't need or care for all that much.

I am looking forward to Christmas with AQ3D. I hope they have some great new fashions and maybe a Yuletide axe!

Dancing at the Raveyard

Dancing at the new G-Raveyard. I might get the bat scythe, but its not an axe... alas. I did enjoy running around after the poor gravers. But they are really cute all dancing in a big group, right before the adventurers come and break them up, literally and figuratively.

Mogloween Fashion 2019

I really like the royalty sets which appeared a little after the quests. Nice that you can craft them versus paying for them with actual cash. I'm wearing my favourites, with the spooky witch hat and scarf from earlier.

Mogloween 2019

I like the new Witch hat and scarves out this year. I'm wearing the Ghostly set but I crafted all of them. It is especially nice to have the hair colour change with the hat. The new black hat comes with grey hair and the ghostly hat has green hair. The only thing I'd like is something for shoulders with the Witch set. The pumpkin shoulders aren't really witchly looking.

The new set for 2019 isn't out yet. Next week. I've gone through more of my dragon coins than I thought I had. Two axes I bought with dragon coins only sell for gold and not very much. This does not make them very cost effective, or smart, to spend real money on. I need to go back to being stingy with my dragon coins. But, I do like having new things to wear in the game and I especially like Halloween, the witch and the jack-o- lanterns, and Christmas, if it isn't too monstrous looking.

Will see what the new Mogloween set brings. I read that it is based on a Mad Scientist. So it already sounds good. I still wish I had not bought the 2017 set though. So, I will be thinking moderation.

What you Don't Know About Me...

Under my hat I seem to be bald. Maybe I used too much of that neon green colouring?

Do you Know How to Dance?

This is the list of emotes, from the wiki. You can dance, even if you have two left feet.


To make it a command, add the forward slash, e.g /dance

/comeon: you express your anger
/cry: you cry
/exorcist: you twist your head
/facepalm: you facepalm
/fistshake: you fistshake
/headbang: you headbang
/levitate: you levitate

/mj: you dance
/powerup: you start squatting and shaking your fists
/squat: you squat
/thewave: you do the "wave"
/wave: you wave
/talk: you randomly do one of the following: /talk1, /talk2, /talk3, /talk4
/talk1: you gesture with left arm
/talk2: you lean forward and cast left arm outwards
/talk3: you gesture with your right arm and tilt head right
/talk4: you gesture with your right arm and tilt head left

/alligator: you dance
/busta: you dance
/busta2: you dance
/coffeegrinder: you dance
/flares: floor dance moves

/jesterkick: you get on the floor clap hands and kick up repeatedly

/powermove: floor dance moves
/strikewave: robot type dance moves
/strikewave2: robot type dance moves
/toprock: you dance
/jumpdance: you jump dance

/fistpump: you fist pump cheer

The Ebil Plot for a Pink Christmas Tree

I'd like a pink Christmas tree this year. Coming up with an ebil plot to get this one out of Arcangrove. Just me and my cat, Rapunzel.

The Latest in Ninja Pirate Fashion

I bought the blue (teal) version too but the pink felt right today. Glad to have a red hat though. 
After this I changed back to my orange tabby cat pet instead of the baby shark. 

Talk Like a Pirate Day 2019

I feel like Captain Nemo with the Nautilus. Exploring with the baby shark "pet" which finished and became ready to use today. Just in good time on Talk Like a Pirate Day.

I got the full set this year. I like having another cat. The white pirate outfit is really great. I think I like everything about it.

Camp MechQuest Shoes and Outfit

The shorts are too tight but the colour is good. I think the shorts originally belonged to a 12 year old kid who left them at that Camp Gonagetcha. Not sure I've spelled it right.

Dragon Wallpaper from Artix Wallpapers

Source - Artix Entertainment Wallpapers

Edward... of Battleon

Edward often seems to be waving and carrying on a conversation with people who aren't there. I kept him company for awhile. Waiting for the Camp quests to open for Friday the 13th today, sometime today, or maybe tonight.

A White Wedding

This is what I decided to wear with the wedding gown. 

Wearing wedding fashions from the Dage and Faith Wedding set. I bought the suit too. 

After the Korn Concert

I have most of the new outfit. But, I won't keep wearing it. I like the clothes okay but the tattoos up in my armpits just don't work for me. I thought there was a long black coat with the Korn concert set, but I've seen no sign of it.

This time they have made the full bonus set for cash only, not Battleon currency/ dragon crystals. If I weren't tired and planning to post this and go to bed, I'd speculate on the Battleon marketing and currency aspects of cash only sets. Maybe tomorrow, or not.

Those boots could have been really cool but they made them as flats and really wide at the top. I do not have slim legs in reality. I can only live vicariously through my AQ3D character. Don't spoil it for me, please.  Overall, this ends up being another boy looking set. I'll go back to what I was wearing before. Maybe the purple dragon set with those green Guardian wings.

There was also this outfit from the concert, not something you had to quest or craft for, just yet more farming. I like the yellow jacket.

The Old Witch Writes to Artix

Update to the post below - I had a letter back. I will post more about it later. But, it was a really good reply. They do care!

I wrote to Artix Entertainment. I don't know what they will think of my note. Likely they get plenty of people writing about this or that they don't like in the game. They may get annoyed about anyone writing with any complaints. But, I wanted to give my perspective on the game. I tried to put it into words. But, of course, soon after I sent it I thought of a better way to say what I had been trying to tell them.

I want my AQ3D character to look like a woman, not a woman in men's clothing/ armour with skulls and gothic gore sort of stuff. But, I do want a really good axe too, just without skulls and serious looking without being something a cave man would carry.

Here is what I sent, I cut and pasted. (Should you wonder, I am not a 20-something, nor do I play one on TV).

Hello Artix and staff/ community. I do not intend this as a complaint. Today I was getting help from a young man in the camera shop. He had garlic breath and I debated letting him know or not. The old spinach in the teeth thing. I did let him know, politely. He said thanks but I wasn't sure if I should have just left it. He was a great help in the store and I thought it was better to let him know. Anyway, I think this is sort of the same.

I am a middle aged woman playing AQ3D, from the alpha version when it first appeared on Steam. I had been playing long before then, at Battleon with my nephew when he was a little boy. Now he only wants to play League of Legends and thinks AQ3D isn't something or other enough for him. Kind of sad for me, but...

To get to the point, I don't see women players at AQ3D any more. The very odd one but far less than there were. I'm sure there were more younger children too but I haven't come across anyone who seems younger for ages. I don't chat with everyone and anyone. I used to chat with more people in game but most of the players now seem to be young men in a rush to get whatever is new. It has become rare to have that comradery, where players waited for each other, didn't grab everything and run, etc. Not that there isn't any at all. But, it stands out now when it used to be just how things are in the game. I miss it. But, mostly I miss having other women playing the game. It is very male feeling, with aggressive looking armour, accessories, etc. I haven't bought any sets for a long time because I don't want them and the last time I regretted buying one I was told I was stuck with it, no refund. So, knowing that is the policy I became careful about buying anything more. I did buy the whole rose armour set which came out around Valentine's this year.

I wanted to let you know, as a long time player of the game and a supporter from the start, that I am not very interested in playing any more. I looked at MapleStory, which I played ages ago. But, it is still a mess to get it working and then I have no idea where to start even after I find old characters I created in there. I've been looking at other games and eventually I will find something I like. Avoiding the Facebook game type where they limit game play and endlessly ask for money for graphic images that are worthless outside of the game. I am not writing this as a winey letter, though it may sound that way. I think this is like spinach in the teeth where if no one tells you, you just don't know its there. I suspect this sounds like an arrogant sort of letter, assuming you will care what I think. I'm sorry if it does. That isn't what I feel. Your game, you have total control and that is how it should be. I hope you don't mind some perspective from a middle aged woman who enjoys the game and has been glad to support all your work, since Battleon from my web browser. I was excited from the start when AQ came to Steam. I had only just started using Steam then, from the nephew telling me what it was.

Thank you for reading. Again, I don't intend this as criticism, just sharing my perspective. I am not asking for any changes but, if you asked me... I would love some fashions for women characters/ players. And, a cool axe, without skulls and that sort of gothic killer sort of look. Regardless of all the rest, thank you for a game I have been playing for about 20 years I guess. My nephew is almost 24 now so it must be right around 20 years that I first set up an account. :)  Thank you for corny jokes especially. People may roll their eyes but those are still the best jokes and they do stand the test of time.

Take care,


My Look These Days

Pretty as a Moglin

The Moglin class adds sparkles.