Men Still Fall at my Feet

I'm a little older and the men may not chase me the way they used to. But, I can still make sure they fall at my feet.

Empty of Warwolves

This is how it looks when you step into a dungeon and find no creatures at all. A slightly haunting feeling and a little mystery. Where did they go? What rock did they hide under?

Set for Glamping

I'm not a camper. I did go to camp for a summer, a lot of years ago. It was photography camp. One of the camp supervisors got a bit annoyed because I was taking a lot of photos. This was before digital photography. These days film is a memory card.

I was going to craft the rogue outfit, when Spiders get up to 50% in the scoring. But, I don't really need it. I did get the red racoon skin (called something else in the game) hat. But, I wish the tail of the hat showed more. It could have been longer and bushier. Maybe its a PETA thing. But, no real racoons were harmed in the making of this hat.

Every Evil Boss Becomes a Has Been

Kind of sad how everyone jumps to attention when there is a new evil boss in town. Then, the quests are done... the evil boss is forgotten. Another has been. Of course, there are new players coming along. But, never again will he (there haven't been a lot of she's) be so sought after again.

Waiting for Camp to Open...

I had a visit with Zorbak. He offered me some flashlight batteries for camp. They looked a little rusty. So I just said, "thanks anyway". It's the thought that counts.

Life as a Bird in AQ3D

Exploring is nice, as a bird. The raven is noticeably faster than running along with two ordinary human legs. But, you can't go as the crow flies, literally. As long as you are over flat ground you can soar along. But, over lava pits or big drops, its like having legs again (without wings).

Befriending a Dricken Did Not Go Well

As a bird, a raven morph, I thought I would visit with the drickens, the wild roast drickens and those penned up in Battleon. It could have gone better if every visit wasn't cut so short.

The drooster was just as unfriendly as the sign suggests. 

Ebil Ears Equipped

I have the red ears too. But, the Zorbak ebil moglin ears match my hair better.

New Purple Tree of Life Sword

The new purple sword (wished for an axe in purple!). It is called Voidshard Sword of Bone.

I'm wearing what I have of the Elite Dragon Champion set too. Green boots and belt from the dricken. I will see what turns up in the next update. But, they don't look bad together. An all purple set would have been really nice though.

Not too interested in the jaguar set. Maybe just the head piece and the wrap over the shoulders.

Elite Dragon Champion Armour

The Elite Dragon Champion Armour came in the loot last night, at Akriloth. I'm wearing it with the shoulders (I already had them equipped). Maybe the boots next.

A Little Dragon Guarding Treasure at the Tree of Life

Wulf with Blue Hair

Maybe our characters are related, distantly. His blue hair is fairer and sort of aquamarine. He could be the branch of the family from the ocean. Of course, I don't know much about my blue-haired family so this is all speculation.

The Spring Time Axe

The Superior Greenwog Chopper. I also got the sword. It was pretty too.

ASCII Art in Battle

Someone posted ASCII art (an emoticon) while in battle with Akriloth. I guess it is frowned on to post anything more than one liners. But, it was nice to see.

Stick Art for April Fool's DAy

 I'm not sure why I bought it. Not a sensible decision. I do like stick figure art but, it isn't something I'm going to use a lot. I rarely use the other transformations I already have.

The Dricken Set

 I have the robe too but I like the green armour better. It looks more dragonly. That should be a word, in some cultures I'm sure it is.