Now With Horns

Also showing the tangled lights a little more.

Toy Soldier and Tangled Lights

I like the tangled lights best in the new Frostvale pack. I decided not to buy the whole pack this year. I really didn't need to spend that many credits for all of it when it cost lest to buy what I actually liked.

The soldier is good. Too bad they didn't go for the ballerina too. I wonder if they even thought of it.

O'TannenBush on my Birthday

Last year I had all the lights but not the green wire and the tiny charm. This year I started again, hoping to get the Christmas tree transformation. I was getting discouraged, doing the same dungeons over and over and over again. But, today, on my birthday even, I got both the green wire and then the tiny charm. Both times I was fighting the boss alone. I don't know if that was why they finally came along, or maybe a birthday present from AQ3D.

The Gold Set in the Deep Dungeon

Level 25 and the Gold Suit of Armour

I have the helm too but I don't like having my character's face hidden. Working on getting the raised helm from the dungeon quest.

Rare Tower Chest

I was expecting a rare chest to have more than health and mana potions, but that was all I got. Kind of a let down.