Holly Knight for the Frostval That Never Happened

I waited for the winter Frostval to start this year but now it is the day after Boxing Day and nothing new came along. Yes, there were other new things and events. But, nothing new for Frostval, the festival. This year it didn't happen. Disappointing. I did buy some of the new stuff, not the whole package.  I just don't need more stuff I don't love. I have a lot like that in my bank vault and my vault is up to 15 pages, more than enough. I need to take time to dump/ sell stuff so I have space. Also, wish the vault could be sorted a lot easier than manually going through it all one by one and trying to get sets back together. It would help if we could label the vaults, not just numbers but names for colours, sets, armour, swords, seasons, events, etc. That would help a lot.

Black and White Wolves in AQ3D

The white wolf is either a pet or a transformation, or both if you want to spend for them. I took the pet, because it cost quite a bit less, and... it looks nice to have the black wolf running with the white wolf.

I was just attacking away in the Battleon Defender challenge so they are well fed, for now. Blizzy should be fairly safe.

Getting Closer to Frostval

The current fashion is a combination of Santa, ice and holly.

The New Character Page Background is SO Nice

This was a great surprise today. Here, in Ontario, Canada, it has been snowing all day. This is such a bright patch of green to find. So nice. :)

Wearing the Black Friday dress, boots, etc. I think its the first shorter skirt in the game, but it's not the right length, either a bit longer or a bit shorter would have made it more fashionable. Skirt lengths are tricky.