New Purple and Gold Set from Thyton

This may be my favourite fashion look so far. I love the colours. Just when I think my favourite colour is dark red... along comes something with blue and purple and gold.

Did anyone notice the big halo in the sky above Battleon? I just did, tonight. It looks like a setting out of a fairy tale, a good one.

Parkouring at the Breaking Benjamin Concert

Not one of the harder parkours. I managed to get to the second portal on both sides. You can find a switch to turn the tide of battle for blue or yellow. Silly how everyone only goes on the yellow side. So predictable.

Merry Valentine Moglins

Even Zorbak has a Valentine. He still looks all schemy, but maybe he's plotting romantic schemes.

Scaring the Fish...?

I don't think I was scaring the fish at all. I thought Lauda had a nice outfit, that tangerine colour. A bold choice for a redhead.

Valentine's Day 2020

Happy Valentine's Day 2020. I'll switch the eye patch for my top hat once the redness goes away. Broken heart and all.

There are times moglins could laugh less or at least not be quite so cheerful and happy. My other pet is an orange cat who may, or may not, snack on moglins. She's a bit feral, not the moglin, the cat.
This was the outfit I put together before the new sets came out. Mostly the 2019 sets and a pirate hat. Vampire (I forget the name) sword which Berserker class doubles. 

Visiting Warlic Near Heartwood Forest

I talked to Warlic about the rumours of Heartwood Forest being revamped. He said little but... look at those clenched fists. I think he's at least mildly concerned. After all, what does he have these days? A shop most people forget to visit and this little spot somewhere... north? east?... well, somewhere leading to Heartwood Forest.
Save a mage, blame the wizards. - He was selling t-shirts in a back room at his shop.

Images of the Town of Battleon, in Lor

Inspired by my views of Lolosia and some old screenshots I had taken of Battleon in the past, I made several more. I think this is the third incarnation of the town. This is only the main area. Now it is split into Social, Magic, Cemetery, Scholar, which are not (yet) on the map or available to click to from the travel crystal. Travel around the town and its parts is a bit confusing. It is something they are working on, a map in a book or a book in a map... it will work.

Sorry for the occasional cat butt. She gets a little hyper focused when I'm in travel forms of smaller animals, like ravens or crows especially. She's a little careful around Zorbak but the rest of the moglins I worry for. She's not an ebil cat, just on the feral ebil side.

I'm Not Really a Shark Puncher

It was a tricky climb for the title and a really great view of Lolosia once I was up there.