Mostly the DreadFool Set

I liked this set. I worked/ crafted until I had MadCap and DreadFool, even the hood. I'm not wearing the hood, it's in my pocket.

This is What I Look Like Now

I think I have the set for Akriloth now. This is most of it, wearing it all at one time, in one place.
Image taken at mysterious (at this time) gates in Darkovia.

The Outfit I Picked

I spent more time than I expected picking out this outfit for my profile chibli (probably not spelled right). You can see the result, the commission from Skulpin, above this post.

Adventures at the Newly Opened Barbershop

I changed my look, again. Now I'm a cross between a china doll and a robot. At least that's how I see it. I wasn't going to wear those new horns but they really work well with the shoulders, jaguar fur and overall.

Expensive, but I Couldn't Resist Being Ebil

Maybe this will be the Halloween Zorbak is set loose on AQ3D! Sooner than Halloween would be even better since it is just May now.