Talk Like a Pirate Day 2019

I feel like Captain Nemo with the Nautilus. Exploring with the baby shark "pet" which finished and became ready to use today. Just in good time on Talk Like a Pirate Day.

I got the full set this year. I like having another cat. The white pirate outfit is really great. I think I like everything about it.

Camp MechQuest Shoes and Outfit

The shorts are too tight but the colour is good. I think the shorts originally belonged to a 12 year old kid who left them at that Camp Gonagetcha. Not sure I've spelled it right.

Dragon Wallpaper from Artix Wallpapers

Source - Artix Entertainment Wallpapers

Edward... of Battleon

Edward often seems to be waving and carrying on a conversation with people who aren't there. I kept him company for awhile. Waiting for the Camp quests to open for Friday the 13th today, sometime today, or maybe tonight.

A White Wedding

This is what I decided to wear with the wedding gown. 

Wearing wedding fashions from the Dage and Faith Wedding set. I bought the suit too.