Anti-Social Gamers

 I am not a social gamer. More games are becoming about being social, forcing people to play in groups, this is the opposite of what I want when I play a game. I want to be alone, to play alone and not have to consider the needs, wants and personality flaws of other players. I already have enough, more than I desire, social interaction in my life.

Where can the anti-social gamer find a place in social gaming? - Found this post today. It was the only one I found, so far.

If players don't enjoy the game and leave, they will be left with a sour community of anti-social people anyway. Anti-social isn't just people who don't want to be chatty, it is also people who are jerks and bullies. 

I've logged into AQ3D once since the kicking thing with the Lich map. I didn't feel enthusiastic about continuing to play and I didn't stay logged in very long. I've played other online games which became full of bullies who seemed to live to defeat other players, especially new players who were easy to destroy. Some of those games made new players untouchable for a period of time, so they could build up their character. But the bullies were right there the minute the time was up. 

AQ3D was different in the early days. It was a polite, friendly community. Adding kicking to the game has likely finished it, jumping the shark. I won't delete my account but I'm certainly not going to force myself to play and I no longer feel part of the community there. Which is interesting considering I have felt a part of the community there until now. Yet I have always played alone, side by side with other players who wander in and out, co-operating to achieve goals. In the social gaming now they are all out for themselves. Often deserting when things don't work out easily or perfectly. That was aggravating, this kicking thing is just plain nasty and I'm surprised Artix supports and encourages it. But, that's how it is.